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·Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
·Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
·Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
·Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
·Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
·Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.
·Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd.



Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. we study wireless monitoring system of solar power, solar power system, application of lithium batteries, related areas of energy  conservation and environmental protection high-tech companies,

we can supply and product this solar power system wireless camera ,  we can give customer to technical service and Provide solution for system integration with customer need,

and supply all kinds of service for customers. we have 16 technical personnels , one Electronic information engineer , two Solar energy senior engineers ;50 worker ; 888 Square meters factory, we study and develop  through more years , we are one equipment manufacture with solar powered wireless monitoring system , our technology is higher than our travel together.

  Our solar powered wireless monitoring system can be used in the outdoor ,it is not convenient wiring and no electricity, no area network installation and use, so that the  monitoring range from the city to field extension, monitoring coverage was expanded; this system can automatically run the remote control and management and in line with the  concept of energy saving , we have access to a number of national patents.

Xi'an Plcgen Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd.  They through continuous introduction and absorption of foreign technology and independent research and development of new products,  currently has access to the product patents and has multiple pieces of registered trademarks, we can  provide customers with record set (Okeyset) series of solar powered  wireless monitoring system, solar power system, solar power generation system, and set a (Okeyset) camera series zero accessories such as a variety of high quality products. we  providing customers with mature and reliable system solutions and cost-effective products, customer interests as a priority, to create the maximum practical value for  customers.we have Import and export right, and have 16 foreign trader, we exported southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and other worlds.

Okeyset Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. we are based good faith, the principle of reciprocity and the broad masses of customers to establish a good relationship of  cooperation, we have the best products, the best service and your sincere cooperation, create brilliant!



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